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Platform solutions

Together with platforms we take care of integrating the financial stability products they offer their freelancers to the individual freelancer. We design new and tailormade insurance and crowdsurance solutions for income protection and take care of the total financial flow on these products from the platform to the individual.

We are able to operate on a standalone basis or in close cooperation with other benefit solutions platforms.

Our solutions and support are based on high tech – high touch. High tech to automate all administrative work that comes along with social security (just think of all the forms you need to fill in for the system to work). High touch, so that our support team can focus on meaningful interactions with your participants.


We help platforms to organise a safety net for their freelancers. We care about the individual, want to know them, and support them in their journey to organise their income protection.

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Case: Alicia X Headfirst 

Together with Alicia we created a solution for Headfirst freelancers

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